Further Options for the Best Home Cleaning Now

Recently there was another note in the bus. Typed in somewhat crooked Dutch sentences, in which a lady offered herself as a female worker. She made sure she was clean and was not expensive, she wrote. It was signed with a name and 06 number.

It’s quite a good idea to come home to a clean house after a day’s work. Bathroom clean, floor mopped, bookshelves dusted. Never again in the evening or at the weekend, in addition to exercising, bringing children, maintaining social contacts and doing their own shopping with the household. Only, is such a note the best way to find someone?

Where can I find a good cleaner?

When it comes to cleaning work, reliability is one of the most important criteria for many people. A cleaner has access to the house and all your stuff, besides, the work is often done when you are not at home. So help must be especially trustworthy. In the search for a good cleaner, many people therefore first take a tour of friends, family or neighbors for their experiences. Notes by the bus or advertisements in the supermarket can also, although you do not know who is passing by. For that good at home cleaning services is the option for you.

Do I pay the cleaner white or black?

Once you have found a good and reliable help, you have to think about the payment method. Anyone who hired a worker through a mediation agency will always pay it white. But if you find someone in another way – via the neighbor or a call letter in the supermarket – then it is just what appointments you make. You can, of course, leave a few dozen euros on the kitchen table once a week, without any further agreements or contracts.

And how much do I actually have to pay?

Who wants to do everything neatly according to the law, the aid must pay the minimum wage (about 9 euros per hour). In addition, just like virtually every other person working in the Netherlands, household help is entitled to four weeks paid vacation, holiday allowance (8 percent) and continued payment in case of illness (up to 6 weeks).

Who is responsible for what?

As an ’employer’ you must ensure a safe and healthy workplace. So no dangerous detergent, good gloves and a sturdy kick. Because something goes wrong during the work, then you are liable as an employer. This means that you have to pay for the damage or medical costs if the help breaks an arm after a fall from the rickety kitchen ladder.

What tasks does he or she carry out?


Although it is not mandatory, the government and interest groups like Here you can also record what kind of work the help will do (approximately). That does not necessarily have to happen at home, the help may also be careful in his or own home.