Wear the Right Necktie Every Time

Let us delve into the world of neckties. It doesn’t matter what profession you indulge in, a gentleman’s wardrobe should always hold a few good ties for that special occasion, that lucrative job discussion, or for that one vital night to look extra classy. When worn the right way, neckties elevate even the simplest of looks up by a few notches. Here are different types of knots that should decorate a contemporary wardrobe.

The Chieftain of Neckties

  • Four in Hand Necktie

The four-in-hand necktie type is arguably the king of neckties and the most popular of them all. It’s ever-present apparel in corporate offices and is the most appropriate for formal occasions. They come in multiple widths, patterns, materials, and colors, so the varieties are endless. They are absolute classics in the world of neckties.

  • The Seven-Fold Tie

A close pal to the four-in-hand tie, the seven-fold is made from a yard of silk that is folded seven times. It needs no lining, but it is thick and holds a nice knot when worn rightly with minimal effort. They are a good fit for office and formal events.

  • Skinny Necktie

Another cousin of the four-in-hand tie, these became popular in the fifties and sixties with music bands like the Beatles wearing them when performing onstage. They are still around, and sure to give you a formal look, but with a spicy edge.

The Casual Wearhouse Stuff

  • Bowtie

The bowtie is a tangy alternative to the classic ties and is an alternative for the masses who prefer to stay away from the classics.

  • Western Bowtie

Remember Colonel Sanders? It’s got a mix of taste and tradition.

  • Bolo Tie

The pride of the southern states then is still in sync with fashion trends and suits party wear.

  • Cravat

A conventional twist of the cravat, the ascot is pinned rather than knotted. It is formal wear, though military caders use ascots as opposed to the classic standard necktie.

  • Neckerchief

It is the most overlooked trend in neckwear. It is common among scouts and school cadets. However, neckerchiefs are a stylish and unique way to dress up your style quotient. Understanding the occasion, and knowing what suits you best, choose your right fit necktie. Neckties are a bona fide gentleman commandment. Take your knot seriously to help avoid your cardinal skin.


We live in a world where genuine is blighted by imitation, and everything authentic is challenged by a million knock-offs. Most things exclusive are threatened by back-of-the-truck alternatives – usually devaluing the original. Following countless trips to Egypt, Cyprus and Wembley markets, I approach luxury labels with a six-foot pole brandishing a sniffer dog. On my way back from Pakistan, I came across a flip-flop that was both Puma and Adidas – It was Pumidas! After coming to terms with the audacity of the manufacturer, I realised that it isn’t always as easy to fish out the phony from the authentic.

A friend once showed me her Louis Vuitton bag stood next to a fake version. At first glance, they both looked pretty much the same. Asked to look closer, I noticed that although both were worn, they had endured the pressures of everyday usage very differently. The genuine article was weathered in a comfortable manner, almost happy to be loyally used for so long, and most importantly, was withstanding of general wear and tear. Its imitation however, fraying at the edges and peeling polyester, had disintegrated in an altogether harsher manner. I have seen the same in everything from Chanel dresses to Tom Ford glasses.

They say looking for the perfect partner is like looking for the perfect bag. Okay, okay, I may be stretching this a tad. Plus, I don’t know even who ‘they’ are! Anyway, for the purpose of this article, please entertain my analogy. Still not convinced? We all want to find a partner who is genuine and of excellent quality – just like your favourite bag! Whether it is hold all, rucksack, or wallet, take a look below to see how similar their characteristics are:

– Durable and consistent
– Looks good (even without accessories or an outfit)
– Nice to touch
– Personality – must make a statement
– A Classic
– Strength to hold and look after your belongings both sentimental and practical

– Durable and consistent
– Looks good (even without accessories or an outfit)
– Nice to touch
– Personality – must make a statement
– A Classic
– Strength to hold and look after your belongings both sentimental and practical

The verdict is yours. Either way, it is important to search for characteristics that will last, not just a quick fix to keep up with the trends. The key to finding someone who is the genuine article is to look for trust-worthy, strong, and consistent qualities – just like separating the original luxury label from the imitations!So, as nobody wants to pay for top-notch quality and instead discover a counterfeit, don’t catch yourself running for the door after realising that full-bodied derriere is actually a well-worn pair of butt pads!

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